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Ok, don't worry about that. Let's have you download a backup of the SQL dump from PHPMyAdmin. Do you know how to do that?

Ruddy Kitty:
No, I'm not sure. Sorry! I hope it's not a problem for you to explain it to me x.x

Ok, once you have logged into PHPmyadmin select the database where SMF is installed to. Then select export and then go at the bottom. It should start the download.

Ruddy Kitty:
Okay, awesome. I'll do that once they let me log in. x.x for some reason the log in info they updated to won't let me log in and the server shows a red x. It also doesn't show my SQL server?

Hmm, I have never hosted with Godaddy so I can't help you too much there. I do know they have a custom panel though.


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