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Too late for you now, but always keep your own backups of both the files and the database, offsite.

If they took your database back 2 years and claim it's up to date, it's time to start looking for a lawyer/solicitor.  If a legal battle is not worth the trouble, dump them as a host and make sure you have nothing nice to say about them (but make sure you can back up any statements with proof).

Accounts can get suspended for all sorts of things (excuses). Maybe you went over some secret limit on resource usage. But to claim they have no idea why they suspended you boggles my mind...

Ruddy Kitty:
I'm begging them to keep looking at this point. It's not just any forum, it's a roleplaying forum, and each thread is a huge ongoing story and fantasies playing out. It's CRUCIAL I get that back.

They didn't even know I had been suspended if that tells you anything. I can't stand this host. This WILL BE the last straw.

Well, you've certainly found your cure for optimism! :(  Even if they manage to locate the correct backup tape and get you back, their bumbling is intolerable. Look for a new host.

mind telling us who your host is?

Ruddy Kitty:



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