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stlogan and evil-angelist:  if you'd like to apply, then please visit your profile and make a group request.

We'll check the board over and handle the request appropriately :)


--- Quote from: evil-angelist on September 17, 2008, 10:45:44 AM ---Looks like I can join this board :) Link in signiture!

--- End quote ---

Love for that forum!  ;D

I run two forums

1st: 214220 Posts in 1949 Topics by 566 Members
2nd: 177579 Posts in 3092 Topics by 998 Members.

but I guess I'm not eligible though :|

Maybe setting a bar little lower :)

549596 posts in 18294 Topics by 4159 Members :)


--- Quote ---If feel you are eligible please apply through the Group Membership area of your profile and we'll contact you shortly.
--- End quote ---


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