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I would like some help placing a widget or application at the top of my forum so that users can see the weather in their area. How would I go about doing this?

Sir Osis of Liver:
You can make a little popup with a search input for "City/State or zip code" that will take your users to the NWS website 7-day local forecast.  Basic code in a demo html file is attached.  Run it locally in your browser to see how it works.

Better, you can just make a search widget and place it in your header or at the top of your board index.  Something like this -

I like the NWS demo, but how do I put it in my site?

Thanks for the help!

Sir Osis of Liver:

I'll install the theme and add the widget soon as I get a chance.

Cool, sounds great. Thanks for the help.


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