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Compact user info on post Display

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Compact user info on post Display
by Ricky.
For SMF 2.0, 2.0 RC5

This mod allows you to compact the display of user info in a beautiful way so that your post get more real state space along with better looks, specially useful if you are using SMF forum with fixed width. See screenshot to get better idea. Tested and works on all modern browser including MS Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera etc.

Demo can be found here -->
coming soon

Simply install it via package manager and use. And don't forget to refresh / reload your page if you are unable to see the effect.

Installation on Custom Template
This MOD need manual modification in order to function on custom themes other than default. You can use Package Parser to do the required changes. If you
are unsure about it then you can ask me.


I rather like this concept, and installed it on my board.  (SMF 2.0.1 - worked just fine)

However my members didn't like it.  They said it made the posts look too messy, so I uninstalled it.  There may be a calling for this if you could specify what boards it would function on.

Thanks for the effort anyway. 

This mod is basically modifies your CSS so as of now membergroup based permission is not possible. I will try to do this if I get some spare time.


I installed this yesterday; I quite like it myself, but I'm getting polarized feedback from the users, so I'm not yet sure whether I'll keep it or not.

However, one feature that everyone likes is the new frame (the paper-like, pseudo-3D look) around the user info. Would it be possible to keep this while keeping the flow as it was? What should I do?


PS Found it... just change the .poster area as described in the changes.

Hi Ricky.

thank you for the great tweak. unfortunately I use right to left layout and this mod does not change the look as it was meant to be. I dont know what other changes need to be done to index.css or rtl.css

I also tried the both ones in tips and tricks but same result.

can you help please?



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