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Welp, I think after a week and no answer, the other professional designer may have backed out, this is open and i will pay.

I'd actually like to move this to the Help Support Section. I have bigger plans for this modification. please contact me. if interested.

Matthew K.:
Hmmm...sounds pretty sweet, I'll shoot you a PM.

I've taken it upon myself to give it a shot, I've used jquery for the whole theme im tempting to build, if anyone would like to view how this outcome is coming along,

you may visit my test site,

The great thing about using Jquery is the theme is almost instantly changeable, you just go to there site, design your own colors. and upload the there css and images file to your theme directory, BOOM, theme a completely different color. (:

much more work still needs to be done, but im progressing! :)
if anyone wants to offer help, just shoot me a pm.

P.S i know i have lots of CSS editing to do still, i'll get there!!! xD

Smooth action and nice styling there. :)

thanks alot, (:

i edited the first post.


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