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SubAccounts v1.0.0 ReadmeWelcome to the SubAccounts Mod.  In a nutshell, this mod will allow you and your users to create, delete, merge, or split subaccounts on your forum.

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Features of this mod:

* Create, Delete, Merge, Split subaccounts from a parent account
* Turn existing accounts into subaccounts
* Set an subaccount to the parent account
* Show subaccounts on user's profiles
* New search mode: search all subaccounts of the user
* Login as parent account only
* Dual post counts on parent profile (Parent only, and Parent + SubAccounts)
* SubAccounts displayed on memberlist if admin chooses
* Post and edit as parent or any subaccount
* Admin limits subaccounts on sitewide basis
* Admin sets permissions on creation, deletion, merging and splitting
* Because each subaccount is really just another member on the board, they have their own post groups, and user groups if desired
* Admin can make unlimited subaccounts
Post Install:
Once the mod is installed, you will be redirected to the 'Core Features' page of your admin panel where you can enable the mod.  Once enabled, you will see 'Manage SubAccounts' under the 'Members' menu in the Admin panel where you can configure the options for the mod.  After you have the options configured, you can visit your profile and start creating or linking together accounts.

Congratulations on what I can clearly see took many hours to write :)

Congrats, gigantic mod!

great job and thanks... i was honestly going to request such a mod. I have a clan site and many users have multiple game accounts but we only allow each user to have 1 forum account but many dont want to ask questions from their high level accounts in the low level section... based on the description i'm sure this will do the trick.

Thank you i needed this very bad!


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