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Software: YaBB SE
Version: 1.5.4

This is the official support topic for YaBB SE 1.5.4 converter.  Use this topic to ask for support for this converter.


Use this convert.php with the .sql file attached in this topic.

My Problem:

--- Code: ---Converting posts (this may take some time)... Successful.
Converting polls... Successful.
Converting poll options... Successful.
Converting poll votes... Successful.
Converting personal messages (step 1)... Successful.
Converting personal messages (step 2)... Successful.
Converting topic notifications... Unsuccessful!
This query:

    SELECT m.ID_MEMBER, lt.ID_TOPIC, lt.notificationSent AS sent
    FROM (`spocrati_ht4uforum`.yabbse_log_topics AS lt, `spocrati_ht4uforum`.yabbse_members AS m)
    WHERE notificationSent != 0
    AND lt.memberName = m.memberName
    LIMIT 0, 500;

Caused the error:

    Unknown column 'lt.memberName' in 'where clause'
--- End code ---

I have no any idea what I can do... My solution was create a new field memberName in yabbse_log_topics. After them, the script works but for ever on the same step

Try the one attached in the first post.

Thanks for your help  ;)
With your new file, I have no error messages, but the script works for ever:

--- Code: ---Converting...
Converting topic notifications... Incomplete.

Not quite done yet!
This conversion has paused to avoid overloading your server, and hence not working properly.
Don't worry though, nothing's wrong - simply click the continue button below to start the converter from where it left off.
--- End code ---

in the last 24 hour it works on the same step. Have you an another soloution?

Try this file.


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