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I've asked for help before on this, but none of the mods suggested was what I'm looking for.  One of them, I did try, but it was not compatible with my 2.0.2 version.  But,reading the description of that particular mod, it would not have suited my needs anyways.

Ok, I will try and explain what I need.

I have a poker community.  In this community, we have private tournaments.  I need a point system in my site that can be used like money. 

For example:  Bob wants to play in a tournament on Friday.  He has no points.  He can purchase 1000 points from the site, thru PayPal, and now he has a balance of 1000 points on the site.  He can now use 100 of those points to register for the tournament on Friday. 

In addition to buying points, members can earn points thru various interactions on the site.  Like post some blogs/posts, Fill in their profile, and maybe a few other minor ways.

Also, admin should be able to issue or take away points.  Certainly, Admin should be able to utilize points as needed.  But permissions should be able to be set.  After all, I wouldn't want my moderators to be giving away points to their friends.

So, I hope I was able to explain what I need a little more simple this time.  If someone out there is willing to help, I know it's a task, I would greatly appreciate it. 

Thank you so much.

Please contact me if you are interested in undergoing this project.

Please state which forum actions can earn a member points. I might be able to take this on.

That would be awesome if you could do it.  Do you have an email I can send you the details to?  If not, I guess I could post them in here, but I prefer to keep some of the details private.  Or you can email me:

k I've sent you an email.

Again, as I've stated in my previous requests.  I can never find anyone up for the task of programming this mod.  Why can't people be normal around here!  All I want is someone that is reasonable enough to work with and that actually wants to help me out!!  I'm about ready to say the Hell with it and get away from simplemachines and go with something else!


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