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Quick login does not remember last page properly

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1) Try to view a member's profile as a guest on a SMF 2.0 forum (hiding profiles to guests must be enabled). You will be prompted to log in.
2) Don't log in, instead, try to read a topic on the board (which should be possible to guests).
3) From this topic, use the quick login in the header.
Now you should see the member's profile from step 1 instead of the viewed topic.

As this thread got moved, I'd like to just have a short feedback whether this issue got resolved, is a duplicate or is considered a feature? I couldn't find an entry for this on the issue tracker so I'm not sure. The problem still persists with SMF 2.0.1 for me.

i tested this issue as you explained and i got redirected back to the same page i logged it at with the quick login. so i dont consider it a bug.

The problem is easily reproducible with a freshly installed SMF 2.0.1, using both Firefox and Opera:
- Forbid guests to view member profiles.
- Log out, try to visit a member profile. This should give you a login prompt.
- Instead of logging in, go to the board index and visit a random topic.
- While in this topic, use the quick login feature to log in. You should now see the member's profile instead of the previously viewed topic.

As said, it's perfectly reproducible on a fresh SMF 2.0.1 install here, no matter what browser, no matter what server operating system (PHP5 on Windows / Debian).

i can duplicate it now that you explained it again. i am still not sure how often if at all this would really come up, and with no comments on this report for a year makes me think no one thinks it is much of an issue worth looking into. the quick login works fine for me when you are the index a board or a topic.


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