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It would be fantastic to simply check a box to be notified of a thread (in profile info), and to check a different box for receiving emails about these notifications.

I know that I can ask for Weekly emails (and this keeps the email down), but why do I have to have any at all when I can just look at my notified threads through my profile?

Thank you for listening.

Or better, don't select notifications at all and just use the link at the top of the page to check for replies to threads you've replied to. Or even use the bookmarks mod which is similar.

I use notification for topics that I don't post in but wish to read, so 'new replies' doesn't cut it.

According to your advice, arrowtotheknee, there's no need to even have a notification feature at all.

So, because there IS a notification feature on SMF, and I use it, and most of my members use it, my request stands.

Which is why I suggested the bookmarks mod...

Yes, thank you for pointing that out, arrowtotheknee.  I did read that.  I also believe this is a feature request thread, and not a modification related post.

So regardless of any modifications, whether they work or not;

I still think that providing a single extra checkbox to separate email notifications from profile notifications would be a nifty feature, that it wouldn't be hard to do for a new version of SMF and would remove the need for installing 3rd party or unnecessary mods.


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