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Jerri Blank:
I just upgraded an inactive forum from SMF 1.12 (I think that's right) all the way up to 2.0.2.  I've noticed that the avatar display is a little elongated.  It used to be a perfect square, and now avatars are being stretched a bit into a rectangle.  Any idea what might cause that?

SMF version: 2.0.2


Pure hunch.

Avatar settings.

Have a look at these:

Maximum width of uploaded avatar
 (0 for no limit)
Maximum height of uploaded avatar
 (0 for no limit)
Resize oversized large avatars
 (requires GD module)

If the sizes are different i.e. not a square, the resize will make them the size that you've stipulated, I s'pose.

So, if you make both of those, say, 150, I guess they might go square.

(Did any of that make any sense?)


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