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No, currently there is no setting for that, if you want to align the video to the left, open  your /Sources/OharaYTEmbed.php file, find: style="text-align:center;margin:auto; and change that to your own css.

Thanks Suki, I edited the file and it displays the way I want it to now.

Any way you can get this to have a popup box to add youtube link and to work when Toggle View is on ; )

excuse my ignorance, but where you say edit ./Sources/Post.php you say find <img> and there are actually two instances of that in the file. do both?


This file should be able to execute standalone.

this seems unclear to me because there are no instructions to upload that file or to do anything with it at all except make sure it is able to execute standalone?

any help would be appreciated.


Welcome to SMF.

Yes, replace the 2 instance of <img>

If you are installing this manually then upload the database.php file to your forlder root and call it with your browser:

For istalling mods it is always better to use the Package Manager


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