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van Sinn:
I'm in need of some pointers and guides.
I had a complete crash on a standalone server that was left unattended in another country, and as such out of my reach, other than remote access.

I managed to create tar.bz2 backups of the website, installed under /var/www/, and forum, installed under /var/www/forum .
I also managed to do a database backup, using the forum webinterface.

As the whole shebang is down, I can't access to see how specifics were layed out, and nor do I remember it all in my head.
We were running SMF 1.something, and I of course wish to use the latest v.2.x.

I have a new hosting arrangement, accessable via the often used cpanel admin tool.
My plan is to unpack the website tarball, create directory "forum", copy SMF in there, unpack and run the installer.
Then create the database and db user.
However, I wish to use another db admin username, as the former referred to the person who originally set it all up (I took over from a friend who died).
I don't remember if the database dump refers to the db admin user.  Will I run into trouble importing the old db when using another db admin username?

After setting up a new SMF and importing the db, I will manually copy what may be needed from the forum tarball.

I'd very much appreciate comments on my suggested approach, and offer my apologies if the above has been covered in either Installing or Upgrading on the wiki.  I just didn't see those closely enough dealing with my situation ;)


The right way to do this is copying all SMF1.x file to the new host and importing the database.
After that run repair_settings so the SMF1.x forum is running properly again.

When the old version is running, first select the SMF-default theme as the standard forum theme, upload the upgrade package, upload it to the host and run upgrade.php.
After that your forum will have the newest version.
Login as the old admin, go to that profile and edit the username.
After that ther new username will be shown. You'll have to use the old name to login to your forum.
If you don't want that, you can use the ald admin account to make yourself with your own account as an Admin. There will be two Admins after that, the orriginal account and your own account.



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