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 - About Me, Interests & Media box
 - Organizable buddy list
 - Approval of buddies
 - Profile pictures
 - Profile comments
 - Picture comments
 - Customizable look & feel

This modification will allow your users to customize their profiles just like they can on other social networks like MySpace, Facebook, Tagged... It is a great addition for building community around your SMF forum.

Users can choose whether they want to have this customized profile or just plain, ordinary one. They can enter About me & My Interests texts which can be formatted using BB code. Also, they can input HTML & CSS code in special text area and customize look of their profile. They can add background picture, change font, size and color of text as well as other elements.

This modification also allows them to upload their own pictures which are then showed in their profile and can be organized in albums. Other users can post comments on someones profile or pictures.

Administrators can choose whether they want to enable pictures and customization of profiles. Also, they can turn on ultimate profiles for all forum users.

Users can disable comments for their profiles or restrict new comments only to their buddies. Pictures can be shown to all users or only to buddies.


Old support topic:

edit- per
to fix the buddies problem, change line 365 and 403 from:

--- Code: ---$buddies = explode(',', $user_profile[$_GET['u']]['buddy_list']);
--- End code ---

--- Code: ---$buddies = array_filter(explode(',', $user_profile[$_GET['u']]['buddy_list']));
--- End code ---

In English, array_filter removes the bogus entry.

sir why ur nt releasing a version compatiable with 2.0 :(

It's great that this mod is finally on the mod site! :D
And @problemwt2.0, I think he's still working on a 2.0 version of the mod. ;)

Great job on getting this on the MOD Site!

The only thing holding me back from upgrading to RC1 is this MOD...LOL I can't wait till it's compatible. Thank you for all your hard work.

mrtrc266=waiting patiently ;)

Nice work. Now, about that RC1 version................. ;)


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