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Colorful Calendar Frames (NOW FOR RC3)

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Marcus Forsberg:
Colorful Calendar Frames v1.1.2
Author: Nas      Versions: 2.0 RC3, 1.1.x     Available since: April 26 '09     Latest version: 1.1.2 (Mars 16 '10)

This mod will add a frame around the calendar. The color depends on what month it is.
Colors can be changed by editing the arrays in Calendar.php.

Nice Nas.

Now, make it for 1.1.8 :)

Sudhakar Arjunan:
Not sure who is giving you such a good idea for all mods.

Really different mods on smf.

Marcus Forsberg:
Thanks guys.
I got the idea when looking at my own calendar hanging on the wall. I noticed how it was colored. :)

I might do it for 1.1.8, JB. :)

Joe N:
Please do it for smf 1.1.8!


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