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Hello there,

I've another question to the crypted passwords at the DB. I'm trying to let a Java browsergame use the forumDB. This works fine as long the user has no special signs like " !|" at his username or pw. The SHA-1 hash generated by smf getting completly different to than crypted by Java or manual insert with phpmyadmin at the DB. What's smf doing with special signs if a hash getting generated? Is there any way to fix it at Java?

Moving this to a more appropriate section.


thx alot

Have you looked at the php code SMF uses for the password?

sha1(strtolower($username) . $password)

As you can see, I don't think anything special is done there unless the core php functions themselves are doing something. People have asked about java here before, so a search may bring up a working java 'hash checker'

Yep. I made strtolower id+password. Users who has no numbers or special signs can log in. Users with special signs can't log in.


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