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Please read the first post in this thread.

this thread is not for support....   nor do we provide support for the jfusion component. 

Thanks for the explanation I started today with a Joomla and SFM website. Before we worked with Joomla and PHPBB but it did not satisfy hopefully SMF will  8)

Surprisingly, I have found that SMF and Joomla are actually quite compatible compared to some other forum management systems out there, while both also offer mobile solutions [nofollow]. I applaud SMF for letting independent programmers work out the functionality and focusing purely on their own product. Because of the changing market and trends concerning mobility, I am quite please and intrigued with the possibilities.

Thanks,  I run SMF and Joomla still, of course it's in my nature to be resistant to change, I guess I'm just stubborn that way. Though I have not yet had any significant issues, I do appreciate the third party alternatives, no sense in tempting fate. I think it would be a great idea for me to avoid the inevitable disaster, and switch to one of the new bridges.

If I use Joomla and SMF, do I have to bridge them? Could there be any problems if I don't use a bridge? I am asking because I use both and I didn't realize any problems.


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