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Software: Invision Power Board (IPB)
Version: 3.0
NOTE: You should test the converted forum before delete your IPB installation, if you need to do it.

Here's the converter from IPB 3.0 to SMF 2.0 RC3, this was tested under an small database so if you have any issues please report them here, data that will be converted:

* Members
* Administrators
* Categories
* Topics
* Boards
* Posts
* Polls
* Poll Votes
* Personal Messages (Conversations)
* Topic Notifications
* Board Notifications
* Censored Words
* Moderators
* Calendar Events
* Smileys
* Attachments
* Avatars
* Settings

I'll try this converter with IPB 3.1.   Hope it works  :)

Edit: Is there any guidance for this converter? For example, should i use the same DB for IPB and SMF? Coz I got that error:

--- Code: ---Sorry, the database connection information used in the specified installation of SMF cannot access the installation of Invision Power Board 3.0. This may either mean that the installation doesn't exist, or that the Database account used does not have permissions to access it.

The error that was received from the Database was: SELECT command denied to user 'onderim_smf'@'localhost' for table 'members'
--- End code ---

Not work convert.php, please upload now.


--- Quote from: Sirandilas on November 04, 2010, 01:31:07 PM ---Not work convert.php, please upload now.

--- End quote ---

It works actually. If you browse with IE you'll get 404 error. Try with Mozilla Firefox.

Converting members...Wrong value type sent to the database. Date expected. (birthdate) ? why :(


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