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Now Announcing the Simple Machines Wiki (beta)!

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Joshua Dickerson:
Simple Machines is now proudly harnessing the power and ability of our community in order to assist with the work of documenting Simple Machines Forum. The current documentation was becoming outdated and incomplete with development and user changes. It was difficult to maintain an up-to-date document and so, we've changed the SMF documentation from a team generated and maintained set of documents to an open wiki. Allowing our community to help create, expand and dramatically change our documentation.

In the site menu you will now notice a "wiki (beta)" drop down under the "Online Manual" link. You may also visit the wiki directly by going to

Please assist the community in creating more, better documentation for Simple Machines Forum. You may view, edit, move, and delete pages. For more information on how to help, please visit the wiki help page.

Along with the release of the wiki, we have a new slogan for the Documentation Team - "user driven education." Going forward, the user will drive what needs to be documented, what gets documented, the act of documenting, and the search for the educating article. You, as a user, are now the leader of documentation for SMF.

PS: If you would like to acquire some tools to use while you're working on the wiki, please join the Doc Helpers through group membership in your profile.

Our worst kept secret is alive :D

Good stuff!

Nice, for sure it will be very useful.

Yey ! Nice xD


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