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New smilie background


Ok, the eyes and mouth are still being worked on, but here is the new proposed background.  I have dulled it down a bit and used the same glass technique I used to make the buttons.  I have the raw Photoshop file if anyone wants to take a stab at adding a nicer face.

The nice thing about this is that the yellows are a little more subdued, with a tad more red tint, the same color as the purple but with the hue shifted to red.  If we want, I can make them with purple accents, but BLEAH!  

If someone wants the PSD file let me know, otherwise my next step is the face.  Should be easier to see since I'm using a darker brown this time.  

- face will be replaced


New smile test

The white at the top makes it difficult to see.

I actually started to like these  ;D


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