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I'm going to agree that I'm using Ikonboard a lot at the other forum I'm a member of, but this function is more like a layout feature that don't need much of coding, I suppose.

When you are about to quote someone by pressing the Quote-button you are now only seeing a Post reply box with the quote inside a quote-tag.

Wouldn't it be nice to have an own box for the post you are quoting from in an inputbox below the Post reply box.

I've attached an example from the board and here you can see the quote box is placed just below the Additional Options box.

Nice to see this as a mod or implemented in either 1.0 or 1.1

I agree and disagree.  I disagree because if I am quoting a few things, even from just one person's post I really can't do it.  I like to be able to respond to different parts of a post in different sections.  I do however like the idea since for most situations it makes it easier.

Thanks for the response. The thing is about layout, and if you got an own box for quoting then it would look a lot nicer on the Post reply page instead of all the quote-tags inside the single post box. With a separate quotebox it would be easier to separate all the quotes from the actual reply, as you can put in quote-tags in the quote box as well.

But you can always do both. ;)


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