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[3.0] Notify user when name is mentioned

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Angelina Belle:
"unread replies" replaced by "watched topics". You can subscribe yourself. You subscribe (by default) when you reply. You can unsubscribe at any time. You can subscribe someone to a topic by tagging them. 

Users can have the options to only allow their buddies to tag them in a topic.

In addition to "show watched (or subscribed) topics" (similar to the current "new replies to your posts"), we could have a new view -- "Where have I been tagged".

Even "Where has (user) been tagged".

These kind of views could start to look very different from how a forum is now organized. People might start to care less about boards and categories.

I found this thread through googling for "smf mod mention notification" so, naturally, I think it's a good idea.

I'd go for both a panel and email notification, since email will be more effective in driving participation.

Instead of bbcodes, would it be possible to tag someone a la Facebook with the '@' symbol?

Angelina Belle:
I would imagine it would be nice to give you a "tag" button so you could choose an actual member from the list.
But I am not a dev.

Good idea

Tony Reid:
I like the way google+ works - it detects when you pres the + key and then starts a autosuggest lookup.


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