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Dear users,

We have planned required maintenance to our server infrastructure.
This maintenance causes us to have downtime several times, both short and a bit longer in time.
(Exact timeframe cannot be predicted)
We will of course do our utmost best to keep the interruptions as short as possible.

The maintenance is scheduled to start at:
Sunday, October 30 2011.
The first maintenance session will most likely be the one causing the longest interruption.
Other dates will be released when they are planned.

For more information, please see all details about this maintenance in the Team Blog article:

To be able to receive quick updates regarding the progress and status, please:
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If you require urgent support when our community is down, please visit our backup forum. Make sure to bookmark it!!
Please do not open support topics there unless it is really urgent and cant wait a few hours.

Thank you :)

- Servers Team
Simple Machines

Out of curiosity what kind of hosting setup runs this community?

I will not go in to full details, but we have several servers that do different jobs such as virtual machine hosts, webservers, SQL servers, file servers, mail servers, etc.
All of them combined is what powers Simple Machines.

We own all hardware.

Thanks for the reply, that must be quite a setup to maintain with updates and monitoring user activity here.

It also explains the below page stats staying on par:

--- Quote ---Page created in 0.077 seconds with 25 queries.
Page served by: (
--- End quote ---

It isn't always easy, but both of our primary server admins are very experience professionals in this :)


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