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Angelina Belle:
You think the wiki should point back to the tips & tricks board?

Part of the reason for this IS to bypass the validation because for example, .psd files do not upload. Photoshop files are very common place and the validation smf has is not very conclusive. I have asked about it before and no on had a solution.

This is for admins only as they would have ftp access. You can always use Legacy File Manager in cPanel to upload the file.

it would be better to post a bug report so the team is made aware of the issue and can work on fixing it.

This topic i created is in the tips and tricks board from a while ago when I first made the video. I would have loved to see some of this info in the wiki. Maybe its time to create a new section..

still the team in general does not like this specific method of doing what you are trying to do. there are better ways including reporting to the team that there are issues with the code and helping them to fix it instead of working around it.


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