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that would help but i think it is best to keep in mind that the wiki is for documenting how smf works for the admin, not how the backend works. i think that the information you provided might be best in the tips/tricks board then the wiki.

also not all admin have access to their database/ftp if they are not the main admin so some would get confused reading that and thinking they would have access.

Well, one of the ideas regarding the wiki was to migrate all the tips and tricks to it...
So start writing there is not bad. ;)


--- Quote from: emanuele on November 30, 2011, 04:51:03 AM ---Well, one of the ideas regarding the wiki was to migrate all the tips and tricks to it...
So start writing there is not bad. ;)

--- End quote ---

yes we might be doing that, but i am not sure all tips/tricks are worth posting on the wiki as some have issues, and not all are "admin" friendly and are better imo on the forum, like this one for example.

Angelina Belle:
Welcome to document-writing, MLM, and thanks for contributing your tip.
You are one of the first few community members to contribute all-new content to the wiki, and, as you may guess, the team is just getting used to the idea.

I think everyone understands that the tips&tricks board is a place where ANYONE can contribute an idea, and anyone can join in with a refinement, alternative, or warning.

Stuff in the main space of the wiki "feels like" it has the official stamp of approval from the SMF project.

Some team members think that it is really NOT A GOOD IDEA to use your technique, and don't want to put that "stamp of approval" on it.

I think your user space is a fine place for it at the moment.

The useful thing about your tip is that it can help someone learning about SMF learn how SMF does attachments -- it lists the basic steps.  It leaves out the validation steps, of course, which is one reason team members think it is NOT A GOOD IDEA.

Finally -- this tip does not belong in the same category with FAQs on how to use FTP or how to do stuff you didn't know was already in the admin center. If it ever goes into the main space, it would have to be an "into the depths of SMF" topic.

All that said, I would still encourage you to develop your ideas.
Maybe add a note on why you couldn't simply, temporarily, turn up the file size limit on attachments.
Why doing it manually was better for you than writing a little script using the same calls SMF uses for validation and hashing.
That sort of thing
Start a discussion in one of the coding boards, and get some feedback.
List the risks of doing this by hand.
And the risks of doing attachments without validation.

What do you think of these ideas?

I don't agree that Wiki documentation is the right place for Tips & Tricks. I don't see any benefit in controlling. One or more good moderators for the board and some links in Wiki appeals better to me.


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