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Would I get banned from SMF Community if I removed the SMF copyright from my forum? I have had some serious spamage and the only thing that really helps is to remove the copyright. I've installed several mods that are a pain to set-up properly with little to no effect against the spam.

So I have dropped six of my websites running on SMF and converted them to blogger. I still have 2 sites that still run on SMF, simply because no other software can give me what I need except for SMF 2.0.x. I'm not saying it's SMF fault that I get all the spam, it's just the way it is. I learned that spam-bots scan sites with the SMF copyright, then submit it to a directory where marketer's sign up to spam it with links to the sites they were paid to promote. It sucks...

Anyways, I'm just wondering if I would get banned from SMF community for doing so. I can always add it back in if need be, but I really don't want to. I was wanting to submit the site to the SMF showcase, but don't want to start any problems with the powers that be.

It has been reported elsewhere on the forum that you can remove the copyright but then you get no support. So it seems to be your choice really.

However I wondered what the situation would be if you were to encode the copyright line into a decimal entity.
--- Code: ---For example copyright becomes  copyright
--- End code ---

This would preserve the copyright notice and it would still be legible and clickable and may fool the bots, but I wonder how SMF would view this in terms of support?

I don't think it would fool spambots. I even tried <!-- copyright -->

I didn't know if no support meant banning?

meaning the support team has the right to not answer any of your questions no matter what they are if you do not have your copyright in place. but this is assuming you are running 2.0.


--- Quote ---Would I get banned from SMF Community if I removed the SMF copyright from my forum?
--- End quote ---

No, but that is not the answer to your spam problem.


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