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Can help for FB Like and send buttons?


Can anyone help me for FB Like button and FB send button.
Can on SMF install that scripts pls help me. Tnx.

Sorry i am new and my english bad. :-\

You'll need a HTML to PHP converter.
Then grab the code.
In the URL section, make a url detection to your current url.
Just add this code in your theme's Display.template.php. Note that if you have a custom theme without its own Display.template.php, you only need to modify the one in the default directory.


--- Code: --- <h3 class="catbg">
<img src="', $settings['images_url'], '/topic/', $context['class'], '.gif" align="bottom" alt="" />
<span id="author">', $txt['author'], '</span>
', $txt['topic'], ': ', $context['subject'], ' &nbsp;(', $txt['read'], ' ', $context['num_views'], ' ', $txt['times'], ')

--- End code ---

Then add the code after that line!
Save and refresh

I use one theme from dZiner Studio but sometimes on my forum i use it SMF themes also are good,but that code need to add on my ftp template.php,i get it from FB but.Ok thankey


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