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[Paid] 2.0.2 Board Category Tabs.

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Edit: 3/22/2012

I've taken it upon myself and attempted to do this myself, if you wish to view the progress please check out

here you can see im using Jquery for my tabs, and also for my 'accordion' for the info center, originally i had both using tabs, which looks quite nicely but it was to much tabs for one page for me! :(

the only needed edited files so far is.

I'm using jQuery for the tabs and info center which I've came quite fond of, it allows you for an easily customizable interchangeable theme.
allows you to design your own theme, then all you do is upload .css and /images/ it gives you after you design them the way you want, and wa---la.

UPDATE: 4/22/12

I've finished and uploaded it to SMF into the mod section awaiting approval to become a modification, so if it goes smoothly it'll soon be ready for everyone.
thanks everyone that's supported the cause, this is my first public modification.

I've posted it on my own website, you can download it with out registration, if you can't wait for it to get approved here,  maybe i can get some bugs worked out if any before it gets approved here and re-submit the application.

UPDATE: 4/27/12

A Linking issue has been fixed for custom-theme variations, the file has been uploaded to modification approval here, as well on, enjoy the modification if you do use it, make sure to uninstall the previous version.

What is your forums link?

Have you looked into using childboards? ( These can be renamed as sub boards).

 Child boards are used regardless, The idea is to keep a forum looking clean, keeping sections entirely in there own section or tab if you will. if you come to a board and click a Gaming Tab, then all you'll see is a list of gaming category's. not always just 1 category however, as many category's chosen for that paticular tab.

 ideal sites;, are good examples of how tabs are used.

 thank you for your input though, much appreciated for thinking of other solutions, I'm just looking to have this mod in paticular, which is why i offer to pay for it, I can write simple mods, and small code changes, but this maybe out of my league.

this would be a good start, for anyone interested.

I'm using SMF 2.0.2 w/slightly modified lagusta theme. I started a new forum after years of running my old one, to expand into a new project. so this one is completely database free and would like to build it up some before i let the registration open. :)


er the forum link? That looks more like a general website.

my forum link? however it's nothing but a blank forum at the moment as this is my new project.


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