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I know I'm hopelessly out of date on my forum but it seems to be working alright for now. I did try upgrading to 1.1.10 a long time ago and that went so horribly that after to attempts and a lot of time on the forum here I backed out and haven't even considered another upgrade!  :-[ Rather then dwell on what went wrong going to a now very outdated version I'd like to go from 1.1.4 to the latest version of the software. Aside from the obvious of having multiple backups of all directories and databases are there any gotchas to worry about? I'll be doing the upgrade just ahead of moving to another physical server so I'll of course have the old one to go back to. I'll also be backing up the mysql files used as well as doing a dump of the db just in case of disaster. Also the only mods I'm running is the gallery software by smf hacks. I'm not sure what version I'm currently at but I do know it's old and would like to upgrade it as well. I see that the current version supports smf 2.0.x

The lack of responses has me more then a little scared of doing the upgrade! :-\  I'm starting to think that the best thing to do is stay at 1.1.4. It doesn't have the latest and greatest features and has some other issues but at least it works and I'm not going to lose years worth of posts and other activity.

Nobody responded because you didn't ask a question nor did you ask for any advice. Your post was basically telling the forum what you were going to do. I think people were just waiting for you to reply with an update.

I just upgraded from 1.1.11 to 2.0.2 and also added tinyportal. I was more outdated that you. The time was will worth it. 2.0 is incredible. Here is my thread

You went from 1.1.11 to 2.0.2? I'm currently at 1.1.4.

I'm thinking of doing a series of 7-8 inc upgrades and then going to 2.0.2. Does anyone have any experience with something as old as 1.1.4?

There should be no problems as long as you have full backups of both the database and the files on the server. You can go from your current version to the latest version of 1.x then take another full backup of the files and database then upgrade to the latest version of 2.x.

I would recommend that you uninstall any mods you have and take note of any customisations prior to any upgrades as the current mods most likely wont work on 2.x and you'll need to get the updated version of the mods for 2.x (if they exist).

The main thing is, once you take backups you'll be fine as you can always roll back.


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