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Error when people change the theme


Aaron Nelsen:
My users are getting this when they go to change the theme.

--- Quote ---Notice: Undefined index: num_users in /home/r1478142/public_html/forum/Themes/default/Themes.template.php on line 202
Notice: Undefined index: num_users in /home/r1478142/public_html/forum/Themes/default/Themes.template.php on line 202people are using this theme.
--- End quote ---

I have one other theme that I setup by copying files and editing them, would that have anything to do with the error?

How did you add it though?

Can I see a link?


Aaron Nelsen:
I added it by using the "Install new theme - From a directory"
It only seems to cause that error when I set the theme I just added as the guest theme, then when I go into the profile to change my theme it displays that error, otherwise I don't get that error.

Aaron Nelsen:
Now it seems my users get it no matter what I do, but I don't have it given me any errors.

Also, a user told me its displaying this message at the top of the page

--- Quote ---Notice: Undefined index: 3 in /home/r1478142/public_html/forum/Sources/Themes.php on line 452
--- End quote ---

EDIT: I just found that all errors go away if I let enable the "llow members to select the "Default" theme." option.


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