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Need major help please

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Well i cant login to my forum even. In the ACP i went to server settings and changed the forum URL from to because i got that .net TLD. Obviosly it didnt work and i cant login to fix it. Please help, i was trying to start a p2h webhost.

ok, but did you copy all your files to the new domain?  If so you can run repair_settings.php.  Do you have a backup?  Or can you came back to to get a backup?

i did not copy all my files nor any. and i dont have a recent backup.  the funny thing is that redirects to

And TBH, i dont even know if i did put under forum URL.

Do i have anything i can do?

Ok, but do you still have access to

 :) Yeah, but nevermind.

Im gunna just edit settings.php


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