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As a Wiki is now our main source of documentation, we would like to see the community get more involved in localizing the docs.

Please take a look at the information displayed on the Online Manual:Translation Portal page and try translating various Wiki articles by following instructions provided there.

We would like to hear your feedback on how to improve the translating process. You can (and should) post all your suggestions, comments and questions in this board, or contact me in order to help.

How can I join the online manual translation team?

If you want to help translate the online manual, please follow the instructions in this thread and remember to provide us with the name you are using to login at the forum (not the display name).

NOTE: All SMF translators (those with access to the Language Editor) have automatic access to the Wiki Translate Extension. In this case, there is no need to join the wiki translation team separately.

[Current translators list]

Congrats team :)

Pages with older translations

I translated this page yesterday and it looks %100 & up-to-date

Martine M:
I'm going to do some more translating in the afternoon. ;)

I would like to put my name on the page of translators.
I want to know where it appears Edit button, I can edit the to Brazilian language?
And if you have a special tag for translators as they translate SMF, which is helpful for our work and dissemination.
would like a better explanation of how to translate the translation and save


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