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template parse error

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i re installed it succesfull
but when i try to post
i still get that error

Ok, but as it's related to the mod then you really need to raise this with the mod author on their dedicated topic here

Think there's some options in that mod about rebuilding indexes but the mod author would need to advise you really. Add a post explaining the issue to that topic.

If you open the zip file for the related topics mod. There should be an install.php or similar named file which is responsible for updating the database. Normally this file can be run as a stand alone script. Open it with a text editor and it should state that at the top of the file. If that's the case, upload that file to the root of your forum and access it by url to run it.

If that's not the case I would suggest that you post in the support topic for that mod.

tnx to all of you guys,
forum fix now,
i just rebuild the index and its ok now,tnx kays for fixing my post.template.php


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