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Google Member Map V2.6
By Spuds
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This modification is released under a MPL V2 license, a copy of it with its provisions is included with the package.

The Google JavaScript Maps API V3 to create the map and place pins.  This API is available for any web site that is free to consumers. By enabling and using this SMF modification you will be acknowledging and agreeing to the Google<a href=""> terms of use</a>';

JSColor project to select the pin color in the admin interface.  JSColor is by Jan Odv├írko and is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License. LGPL differs from GPL by allowing you to use JSColor even in non-(L)GPL applications.

This mod installs a member map to your website which allows your members to pin their location on a map. It uses Google Maps 3.0 API to generate the map and place 'Push" pins.

Google Earth can also make use of the pin data. This mod allows for the exporting of user pin data in to a .kml file for those that want to use Google Earth to see their member locations.  Simply add a network link in Google Earth to point at to get the data for Google Earth.  The capability to export .kml files is controlled by the permission to view the map, and keep in mind Google Earth will appear as a guest to your forum.

o Adds a member map button to the main menu
o Adds a member profile area for users to add their pin to thier profile.  This will then appear on the map. 
o Ablilty to search by location when placing thier pin
o Adds Profile info bubbles to the map pins
o Ability to cluster pins together to improve map legabilty.  Clusters will un-cluster as you zoom in on them

How to Use
In your admin panel you will need to enable it, which implies your acceptance of Google Maps terms of service.  Choose the settings that best work for your site.  There are many settings so you can fine tune the experience for your users and site.  Next, your members will need to edit their profiles and place a pin on the map to show their location and save their profile. That pin will then display on the main member map page. The admin will also need to set the map permissions so users can view the map as well as place a pin on the map.

Please use the member map thread for support with this modification.

2.6 - 18 Dec 2011
o + added a hidden map reset button to middle of pan control
o + prevented output of gzip data when portamx is active
o ! fixed member names not appearing in bold when they should have been
o ! fixed undefined txt var due to order of load language

Is that "if you need support message him" correct or is it "if you need support for an older version that is not taken over by me then please message him" what you are meaning to say? *would love to poke at it but, well, I wanna know where to ask questions when things blow up*

I am not encouraging people to use old versions, if they wish there is no support. TLM is leaving SMF.
"if you need support message him" as in messaging me.. I will change it so it is more understandable.


Can i resize the map?

We have a frappr map in beta testing and its set to 100%,

--- Code: ---<embed width="100%" height="100%" align="middle"
--- End code ---

Can i tweak it like that?

You should be able to. Give it a try and see how it goes... :)


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