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Clara Listensprechen:

--- Quote from: AngelinaBelle on August 17, 2011, 02:36:20 PM ---If it Jaelta picks up, let us know. :)

--- End quote ---
Update: the Yourasoft domain has expired at the first of this month, so I guess that one isn't going anywhere. Dunno if it takes Jaelta with it (as a project).

Angelina Belle:

--- Quote from: AngelinaBelle on August 16, 2011, 06:55:10 PM ---Here is a list of know forks actively being developed
Open Source Forks

* EOS Alpha, by Nightwish
* ViennaBBS by Bloc (to be released perhaps with BSD or MPL 2.0 license)

* ezForum, by vbgamer45
Forks with restrictions on distribution or use

* Wedge, by Nao and Arantor
--- End quote ---

I think ViennaBBS shouldn't be on that list anymore. Bloc has rain checked the project.

Angelina Belle:
Good point.  If he decides to take the work in that direction again, we can certainly add it back to the list.

The discussion of what he learned during the work, and where he decided to go with it, and why, is pretty interesting.
It is part of the whole story of FLOSS.

Just a question. Why wedge license is not considered open here in SMF? I have read wedge license, it sounds open enough to me.


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