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How about rearranging the categories in the SMF Community so that Support is up at the top? Moving other stuff down the page should minimize the noobs' using Bug Reports and Feedback to discuss their problems that should  be in 1.x or 2.x support boards.

While I'm here, how about a Spam Issues child board for both 1.x and 2.x support? There are so many topics covering spam that it would be good to clear out the regular support boards and consolidate them into child boards. Moderators could move a few at a time -- no need to rush to get them all moved at once. Likewise, how about child boards for mod install/removal issues? Those also take up a big chunk of the general support boards -- think of every topic about "undefined index". Any other topic areas big enough to warrant a new child board, such as Security and Hacking?

Good finkin'.

If you have boards for spam issues, mod install/removal issues and undefined indexes, you're going to have almost nothing left for actual support.

Note that almost every undefined index is really a mod bug.

you really think that will solve anything?

We've been through this sort of question multiple times. We have sticky posts that answer most of these questions. We have a wiki/doc site. We have search... and STILL people post the same questions over and over and over in the wrong areas as well as the right areas.
Heck, I've seen idiots post a question when the same question was already asked and answered only two posts down the index.

I do think moving the support boards further up than bug reports will help, though. Though I'd argue the news area needs to stay at the top.

Question: what purpose does 'feedback and discussion' serve? Most of the time its content is either really a support issue or a mod/feature request. Fewer boards will help with things ;)


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