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How do i start my own forum?!

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--- Quote from: MrPhil on May 11, 2012, 03:39:00 PM ---OK, Manny, I see your "current forum" is created and hosted by They do not provide SMF forums. You would have to find either a free SMF-providing host, or a free or cheap general purpose host. Note that many free SMF providers place serious restrictions on either your subject area, or what modifications you can make, or both. If you go with a general purpose host, you can install SMF per the instruction links given previously. Note that SMF will be a new forum type for you, in case you have (or don't have, as the case may be) experience in installing a forum and operating a web site in general.

--- End quote ---

i've edited a lot of different forums. but for some reason i can't find SMF forums. any that you know of, that are free?

Maybe you will find this helpful.

Are you looking for a free host that has SMF pre-installed? smfforfree and smfnew and maybe a few others exist. If you don't mind installing SMF yourself onto a free or low cost host, SMF itself is free to obtain and install on any host (if that's your actual question).

ok i m too  was didn't know how to make smf forum! :) :) but now i m learn

search on youtube for "
How to make a free forum using SMF 2.0.2"

and select the first one

i hope its helpful and good


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