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--- Quote from: Gazmanafc on September 22, 2009, 04:36:56 PM ---It was 25 at first, but it was then swiftly lowered to 10, hence why it's said to be 25 in the first reply, and then 10 in the second.

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Makes sense. :P

Anyways at least I got everything in before they changed it again, now to just get my post count up again.


--- Quote from: Arantor on September 19, 2009, 10:09:03 PM ---Yes, it will. The [nofollow] stuff is to prevent PageRank being flowed so that even if the link is there, it shouldn't be followed or counted by search engines. When you have more posts it'll go away - for the first few posts it even breaks the URL entirely.

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Is that a custom modification you've made on these forums? Would it by any chance be possible to release this publicly?

Is there any particular reason why it would not be publicly released, or even added as a default feature? This would be useful to a lot of people as a measure against link spamming. I once tried to do something similar based on the member group permissions, but I never figured out how to do it.

Hi Daniel0, (Thanks to Sleepy for sending me a PM, pointing me to this topic.)
I wrote it for when we were getting hammered by human spammers (dozens of them per day)
(and obviously the standard automated defences in most software aren't designed to work against them.)
So rather than putting all the effort at the 'front gate' we've got some inside.

It has 3 levels
- no links
- non-active links
- active links set to [nofollow] (so no pagerank).

It was a bit of an experiment, but it has been quite successful here I think.  (although theres always room for improvements)

I did indicate to the team (Private Topic: Link (For teamies reference only) that when I wrote it that I was not planning on releasing it publicly myself (but would allow other teamies to release it either as their own mod or under the Customize Team name.)

Some of the regex's to detect internal (allowed urls) vs external (disallowed urls) were hard-coded, and so it wouldn't be a straight release, but would need some coding either allow the admin to specify the domain or doing it on $boardurl etc.

IIRC someone did possibly indicate they would release it (I'll check into that).
My version did have a few little bugs which IIRC Sleepy fixed.
(So presumably I need to find the updated fixed package and if I can find someone to take it on.)

Sounds good. Actually, I think it has enough universal utility to make it worthy of being incorporated into SMF, but I'll let other people decide on that. A modification would also suffice.

Thanks for your response.


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