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I cannot login to SMF directly via Mambo CB (Solved - partly)

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Hi everybody,

After two days of trying, reading, searching, I decided to ask my problem here. I have installed SMF 2.0.2 and the Bridge 2.0_mambo_4-6 and I have mambo 4.6.5 with CB 1.2.2. The Community Builder is an old version since my service provider is using still pHp 4.4.9.

The reason why I ended in SMF and Mambo was the fact of this available bridge between both. All I want is to have the visitor register and log via my main website as a gateway and then enter to the forums without any need for retyping the username or registering.

I have installed the component without any errors, and adjusted the settings according to the guides given here.

Bridge configured as follows:
- Unwrapped, registration via Community Builder (check the sync and I could migrate the users from CB/Mambo to SMF without any problems,
- All reside in the same database
- SMF-login and logout UNPUBLISHED and SMF_register published.
- Site module CB-login published, bridge login (mod_smf_login) unpublished
- Component added to main menu and linked to user submenu
- In SMF I have removed friendly URL links
- Turned on domainbased cookies

1. After I register / login to Mambo, I could direct the user via mambo to SMF but there the user is shown as a guest, not logged. If I enter the credentials, the user is not recognised by SMF. I f I hit "register" then the user is redirected to Mambo where it says "you are already logged in".

2. I could only transfer my users manually via Admin panel in mambo (sync / migrate button). None of the users are transferred automaticaaly.

3. If I login directly to the forum via mysite/forum/index.php, I am redirected to Mambo after I logout.

I am going crazy. I have tried all other possibilities (using bridge reg, mambo reg, direct SMF reg), still the users are not transferred and could not log automatically.

I thank you for your attention and look forward to hearing some solution / suggestion.

wbw - thank you

Actually, as far as know, the mambo bridge does network with the current SMF/mambo combo.

It is not only me then :( Any suggestion with regard to the version that works for sure? The version of SMF and the bridge that could be compatable with 4.6.5 mambo?

no, actually, I gave up on mambo ages ago -- I decided that I could do everything that mambo does using SMF mods.

Kindred Hi, I have just noticed that you have been around here for a while, so you might know something about the roadmap for this bridge. I am trying to integrate SMF into Mambo, since on the mambo side I have a few self coded additions which I need to keep at my site and it seems a huge burden to go over all these and integrate them to mambo. However, my site has been down now for 10 days and I am stucked with this forum part. So, could you please comment on the follwoing so I might have some better idea.

1) Even the newest bridge seems to be quite old (I have suprised, since I thought at the beginning it is new, hence I decided to stick with SMF & mambo combination and gave phpBB3 away). Do you think it is reasonable to wait that this Bridge <-> SMF version 2 <-> Mambo 4.6.5 problem will be solved by the developer - or has he/she gave up development process for good?

2) After a few install/reinstall and tens of different combinations, I managed to have some communication between mambo and SMF: when I use the mambo's own registration and SMF-login options inside tha bridge, I get "we have a new member Mr X" notice on the first page of SMF board, however, there exists no Mr X on the memberlist of the SMF.

3) For the time being, I would be even satisfied if I could get the Mambo members transferred to the SMF site automatically via a cron job maybe? I could do this via the bridge menu in the admin panel, but I do not want to get involved of doing manual syncs. Is it doable?

I thank you for your time.



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