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Templates are NOT translatable so do we need to create ?

I'm working on templates.

I did few tests yesterday evening and wrote a short note to myself with the procedure.
I'll repeat it today just to be sure it's correct and hopefully in about 12 hours you'll have the "full story" about template translations. :)

So, 12 hours are almost gone, but I'm back with the answer! :P

I've written a short "how to translate templates", please read it carefully. Feel free to ask questions if something is not clear enough and propose improvements.

I've also setup a test page and a test template to be able to play with it, if you want feel free to use it to practice).

Right now there is only this test template "ready for translation", tomorrow I'll start setup all the others (or at least the most used).
These changes won't affect the translations, so you can go on like before and when ready the translated template will appear automatically! ;)

In the meantime I've found also a way to "localize" links through templates (you can see a preview at the end of the test page with the link to the "Posting" page). I still have to understand all the consequences, so I would do some more tests before any proposal regarding this aspect. :)

I am not sure I understand this. The Manual says “Once the sub-page is created the second step is copy the entire template to the sub-page”?

On the template page, the link to Norwegian (no) sub page seems to be created, but what text should be copied. Or should the page be created first and then I will see the text to be copied to the Norwegian sub page. So how exactly do I create the page? Or maybe I am totally lost


Happy to see a forum and a sticky post about this. Thanks Dzonny.


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