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Get to know the team: akabugeyes

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What color blue is your favorite? :P I don't know. :P
What is the name of cat 1? Scrappy
what is the name of cat 2? Barney
What is the name of the dog? Savannah
What is the name of the Llama? Jimbo
Mountain Dew? hot or cold? Cold
Do you have a license to kill? Maybe ;)
How many programming languages do you speak? HTML/CSS and some PHP/MySQL/Java
Did you wave at Joseph? Maybe......
Is it hot when you are spending your time in your systemcase? Sure. :)

Do you have a zallman cooler?


--- Quote from: ªcF on January 14, 2006, 05:36:54 PM ---Do you have a zallman cooler?

--- End quote ---

I am going to bed.
Do you count how many jimbo's you see every night to fall in sleep?

goodnight ;)

you like rock :

what is your favorite genre of rock? who are your favorite bands?


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