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--- Quote from: sirius on April 10, 2007, 07:25:13 AM ---about some rules for the moderators as well ?  like deleting the wrong answers and useless posts,

I own a support forum and I always delete the wrong answers to a problem . If you don't do it, when we do a search, we end up with 5 pages of useless stuff and if we post again to ask for the answer we are told to do a search...   more it goes  and more your forum will become useless , full of answers like : clear your browser's cache and cookies..  answers given by peoples who don't have a clue about what they are talking about.

My moderators are there to delete the useless stuff so that when we do a search on my forum , we get an answer, not 5 pages of useless stuff.   I've been using SMF for ages now, been a paying member at one time but got frustrated with the amount of useless threads on this support forum..

don't get mad, there are no other ways to say this.

another thing that I find quite strange, when a newbie ask for an answer to a problem and someone tell him to do some PHP editing  and the newbie can barely install SMF, let alone some PHP scripts , I get a good will he do this anyway..  why not post a small file so that he can replace the one in his installation...   and explain what you did so that those who want to learn can do it.

  maybe that I am an administrator of a support forum for too long and I am asking too much , but blaming it all on the members is wrong..  it is the mods and admins who make for a great support forum.

--- End quote ---

I agree with sirius in the sense that deleting old threads, and then telling future users to do searches can cause quite a bit of confusion and lead to many dissapointed SMFer's. But is it a fact that the SMF Administration deletes old useful posts. Personally I think this site is one of THE BEST support sites out on the net. Period. For me I get a bit frustrated when I have to wait for like a week or more just to get a response. But I have to remind myself that this is shareware, it's a privalege, it's not like I have a right, or am supposed to even get any support. So I thank everyone on this site who's there to help us "newbies"... yes even those who don't seem to have a clue what they're talking about. At least there participating in the forums rather then just taking up space =P Hopefully they in turn will learn things as well.
really great changes!!!       :o :o :o

I love SMF!

Tnx for your job!       ;)

I hope i don't post in the wrong section/forum but since i see that smf 2.0 topic is blocked, i think i can write here instead. I really wish that next versions of SMF will implement a modification who will let users to leave OFF topics at a topic by presing a button called OFF TOPIC. From that buton, a little menu will appear with next things:

- I agree
- i dont agree
- Off topic:  ~box for message~

seem21cs, since i cannot split from here, please post this in the 'features request' board.

Also explain the functionality a bit more so they know what you're talking about.  Honestly, i am not sure what you're asking for.

Yes Sir. :)


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