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Bugged membergroup..


Today I was trying to add some membergroup tags to a friends forum and I found that I couldnt get them working, and somehow I've ended up with a bugged membergroup that I cannot delete..

I'll post some images below of what is going on..

This is the bugged membergroup..

and this is what I see when I click modify

Any advice is appreciated.

Yeah... no one has any idea. XD

Confederacy please do not bump within 24 hours we are all volunteers and reply if and when we know the answer

Sir Osis of Liver:

Use phpmyadmin to look in smf_membergroups.  You should see a garbage group with blank fields - delete it.  Export a backup of the table before you tinker with it.

The problem was/is that html is allowed and is not sanitised in membergroups names.

Fixed applied (hope I've found all the places).


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