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Redirect from password reset

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Just before the $context at the end of that function ;)

Ok when I put the redirectexit there, the authentication reminder form doesn't appear.  I need that authentication reminder form to show up, and after the email arrives, the authentication reminder to enter the new password twice needs to show up too.  I want to redirect after you hit "save" on that form.

Ideas?  Thanks!


Ok, I found where this form actually builds (Reminder.Template.php).  I found where the save button is configured
--- Code: ---<p class="align_center"><input type="submit" value="', $txt['save'], '" class="button_submit" /></p>
--- End code ---
Is there a way to specify a url to direct to when that button is clicked without messing with its submit function?

Thanks as always,


Is there any further information I can provide to make this question answerable?  I'd really like to get this job done.




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