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Convert color styles into color classes



In SMF editor, when you set a color for a text, SMF makes it into an inline style:
[ color=red]Some text[/color] becomes <span style="color: red;">Some text</span>

When a SMF forum uses multiple themes, some of them may be dark, some of them may be bright. So a color in one theme can be unreadable because of these inline styles.

I'm suggesting that SMF keeps a list of these colors, and if the selected color matches, it converts them to a color class appropriate to theme css. If doesn't match, then inline style it is.

hmmm.... it's an idea, but that seems like a waste of time - and somewhat deceptive, to me.

If I select "red" text, in my post, then I want RED text...
Users learn after a post or two which colors show up on their themes....

(unless I am misunderstanding you?)

No you got me right. I'm using my forum over 3 years now and with multiple designs, this thing have made some posts readability so hard. In a dark theme they choose yellow color for some titles and it becomes so annoying for bright theme users. My users do not need a specific color but just making some line more important by coloring.
Statistically, how many of SMF users need "red" for RED? and how many need "red" for making attention to some text?

But considering what you said, it can still be done. I'm not suggesting to completely change it. Just change that select box items theme-related. Leave color tag as it is, but if someone uses the select box in editor, it puts [themecolor=red].

May I suggest a mod?
Would you like to have this topic moved to mod requests?

I had the same problem with multiple themes, asmith. I fixed it very easily. Disable the colour tags in admin = problem solved. If people want to emphasise any text they can do it by using bold, underline or italic. These are the traditional methods of applying emphasis to text and work very well.


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