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I installed the light version and this error keeps appearing into my error log:

Unknown column 'b.member_groups' in 'where clause'
Row: 229

Any thoughts?

Any plans to make this available for 1.1.xx?


--- Quote from: EddieC on February 27, 2012, 07:17:29 AM ---Any plans to make this available for 1.1.xx?

--- End quote ---

Definetly not in the Lite Version, maybe in the PRO:

what url for sitemap...........

Hello, How do you upgrade ticket to urgent to high in your support area?
It is low by default and I can't find option to upgrade to high.

After installation of SEO Pro Mod, any posting/modifying or external link posting giving me 404 page.
If I, or member want to post or modify anything after submitting  it will go to 404 page. Post will eventually show in forum but first it will be redirected to 404.

Also when I insert external link in the post, it will add my main domain in front of link, that will again send me to 404 page. Like this:

I want to link to [nonactive], but inserting hiper link, I will get this: [nonactive]

In the preview of post I just see [ url ][ /url ]

I am running 2.0.2 version with  Default Theme - Curve


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