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SMF bugs in Opera ?

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some error using SMF with Opera 7.21:

- must Re-login every time Opera is restarted ( no other site require to re-log if the cookies aren't deleted )
- the << previous - next >> links become " ? previous next ? "

Hmm... staying logged in works for me - Opera 6 and 7.

I fixed the previous/next issue.


My cookies settings are:

Ordinary Cookies : Accept All without question
Third Party Cookies : Accept only Cookies set to the server itself

Could you have it ask you, and tell me what it's trying to set? (not the values, because that would be a security risk.)


If I set to ask, it tells me that the cookies will be sended to all the server of the domain and the path beginning with /.

the cookies expires on Thu, 18 Nov 2004 16:49:15 GMT. and that' not true ;).


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