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Simple Machines adds team dedicated to internationalization

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From the start, Simple Machines Forum has been made by many people around the globe and has been translated and supported in many languages. The software has always been developed with localization in mind.  Our translators provide a large number of translations in a relatively short time frame and the number of translations is still growing.

To stress the importance of internationalization, Simple Machines has created the Internationalization Team. They will supervise translations, develop new concepts and ideas for better internationalized software & support and facilitate other teams to be more localization-aware.

So, what can you expect in the future?
[*] Better and more personalized support in your country and language
[*] Software development that is even more focused on localization characteristics
[*] Translation in more languages and more things translated (site translations, modifications translations, etc.)

What can you do to help?
[*] We are always looking for translators for any of the non-English languages. See this topic.
[*] Post your suggestions for the new team in this topic. What can Simple Machines do to improve support for your country or language?

I'm glad that smth like this is organized...
and i hope that support will be better (it's very good now, but always can be better)...

Congrats :D

It looks very good, always thought it would be very nice if (for example) the Docs section was translated into as many languages as possible.

Many times, when someone asks support, is sent to these Docs, and then the people say he doesn't know nothing English.


Another aspect, would be good if the translation of MODs have a system similar to the translations of Forum.

Or maybe a more "primitive", for example, could be "post type", but with xml downloadable.

In this case, the MOD only will be include the English translation, but the user also could download the translation if it is already available.

M-DVD: Some of your suggestions are already concidered ;)

However it is more imortant right now that SMF is fully translated into those languages already available.


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