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"When your SMF forum needs grow up" section in Docs.


As a SMF forum grows up there will be increased needs for database backup and restore, email limits, attachments, search etc. and the admin will be confronted with problems he was not expecting.

A well organized section with a title like "When your SMF forum needs grow up" in Docs will help growing up forums to find the knowledge to be prepared for future demands and possible problems and give guidelines for solutions.

I had this idea reading a topic about big forums board and I proposed a public big forums board, with alternative or addon a section in Docs. Illori convinced me that a public big forums board would not offer much, so I open this topic to see what Doc writers and helpers think about such a section.

i have made a similar topic in the team boards, i am waiting feedback from the team on making such a page, but first we need to gather information to answer those types of questions as most people on the team do not run large forums and lack the knowledge.

SMF community is a large forum with more than 3 million messages. members of the server and site team are maybe the more appropriate.

we are working on it, and some of those will be included in gathering/reviewing the information.


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